You probably clicked here to find out more about the two dudes that claim to be wedding photographers. And those same two dudes are super excited that you are here and want to find out more about them.

First of all, we would like to thank you for being here.

For us, writing about ourselves is one of the most difficult things and because of that, we are happy that we are wedding photographers instead of writers.

But since you need to get to know us a little better before you can decide whether we should be your wedding photographers, here are some carefully typed words (mostly) describing our little quirks and things we love.
Our favourite drink, gin-tonic, and the photography workshop Fotopub in Novo mesto back in 2011 are two of the main reasons why we started working together and, more importantly, starting a close-knit friendship that we have been growing ever since. Friendship, wedding photography, and using a lot of sarcasm are probably the three things that connect us the most.


  • Jani

  • Coffee lover
  • I love easy mornings, but my mood suddenly changes when you give me some turkish coffee or slow wifi. My favourite food is rice with seafood and I love the smell of pineapple. I am a very talkative and funny person - well, at least that's what my friends say about me. If I have any free time, I love to watch TV shows or Pixar cartoons. I'm pretty organized which is why the clothespins on the drying rack have to be organized by color.
    • Jernej

    • Chocolate lover
    • I love mornings on which I have to decide between eating a croissant with chocolate or chocolate. I really don't like when people are late, but when they arrive I will still greet them with a smile and a sarcastic remark. The worst sounds in existence are the vacuum cleaner and the sound of a dentist's drill. I love playing board games and darts (even though my grandma always wins). I don't like sprouts, but you can make my day with some lasagna and really good ice cream.
    two wedding photographers

    If you are looking for someone with fancy cameras just to be at your wedding day and get those smiling and detail shots, we probably aren’t your top choice. If you are searching for a photographer just because your aunt said that you have to have one to fill in the checklist for the wedding, we also may not be the best fit for you. However, if you are willing to come from the photoshoot with some dirt on your shoes, maybe walk uphill a couple of hundred meters, climb a fence or two and get some ice cream in the most crowded street, we think that we will get along just great!


    This is just a short summary about us, but we would love to know more about you two. What is the thing that gets you going and what do you love the most? How do you see your wedding day?

    Lets get in touch and we hope that these typed words will soon be replaced by real-life ones, acoompanied with some good coffee.

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